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His abstract works – where he toys with multiple layers of material, different themes and shades of colour – open up a truly outstanding vista of an authentic artistic talent.

In recent years, Ahlefeldt has taken an experimental approach to the medium of painting in all its myriad forms, striving passionately to refine his own individual expression.

In his latest works, a series of line drawings, he explores the power of intuition and the subconscious. At first glance the compositions seem abstract though gradually they reveal dynamic scenes filled with joy, enthusiasm and energy where multiple figures evolve inviting the viewer to come closer and join them.

Michael Ahlefeldt’s approach is shaped by how he views the world around him and allows all this energy to find expression on paper.

Michael Ahlefeldt lives and works at Egeskov Manor in Denmark. Over the years, he has received instruction from the renowned artist Ellen Madsen in Hadsund, Denmark, and RAH Craig Ron in Perth, Scotland. He has also studied at the Accademia Italiana in Florence, Italy, and at the Fyn School of Painting and Drawing in Odense, Denmark.

Mentors include artists John Olsen and Lars Nørgaard.

Michael Ahlefeldt

Michael Ahlefeldt



The Danish artist Michael Ahlefeldt (born in 1965) draws and paints with true artistic passion, presenting delightful reflections on life using a vivid, abstract idiom, often choosing large canvases as the outlet for his expression.

The approach to colour in his acrylic works can be both dark and joyful – switching back and forth between black, dark blue and olive green, and blue-tinged white, intense red and sunflower yellow – and his brush strokes are dynamic and insistent.